Your International Air Tickets - DONE

It is now simple to purchase your international air tickets for any of our tours right on our website and be confident and you got lowest priced tickets from wide selection of airlines! Most convenient flights are just a click away!

Helpful suggestions:
  • Set your outbound travel date 2 days before tour start date, that way due to time difference and time spend in route
  • Set your returning flight on the same date tour ends
  • It is sometimes helpful to use "flexible dates" button, as more options with lower price fairs and better connections might come up
  • Airport codes by Tour:
    Tour Arrival Airport Departure Airport
    "5 Stans" Tour Almaty (ALA) Tashkent (TAS)
    "3 Stans" Tour Tashkent (TAS) Tashkent (TAS)
    "Uzbekistan" Tashkent (TAS) Tashkent (TAS)
    Caucasus Tour Baku (GYD) Yerevan (EVN)
    "3 Stans" and Caucasus Tour Tashkent (TAS) Yerevan (EVN)
    "5 Stans" and Caucasus Tour Almaty (ALA) Yerevan (EVN)
    China and "5 Stans" Tour Urumqi (URC) Tashkent (TAS)
    "4 Stans" and Iran Tour Almaty (ALA) Tehran (IKA)
    China, "4 Stans" and Iran Tour Urumqi (URC) Terhan (IKA)
    Great Silk Road Tour Urumqi (URC) Tehran (IKA)