Food, Water and Vaccination

Food/ Drinking Water

Our tours are all inclusive; everyday of the tour we provide full board meals for our clients. Breakfasts are served at hotels each morning. For lunches and dinners we use local restaurants. Restaurants vary from fine restaurants in capital cities to best available in remote locations.

Price of the tour includes one salad, one soup, one entrée and unlimited bread, tea or coffee. Guides take requests of tourists into consideration when choosing restaurants. Our clients are able to choose from menu what they prefer to eat. We do not provide partial refunds for unused meals.

Alcoholic beverages are not included with the tour, however accessible in most restaurants at price listed in menu.

Drinking tab water is generally safe, however we do not advise do drink tab water. It is recommended that our clients drink bottled spring water which can be easily purchased.

We provide 1 lt. of bottled water per person per day on our tours free of charge.

Cuisine/Special Meals

All restaurants on the tour offer local and European cuisine with meat and chicken. Fish or sea food is not widely offered due to geographical location of some counties. There are no special vegetarian restaurants, very few restaurants offer special vegetarian meals in their menus. It is possible to order custom vegetarian meal or simply choose meals from the menu that do not have specific products in them. Your guides will be helping to pre order or order meals.

Physical Condition/Vaccination

While our scheduled tours do not require ability for hiking or trekking, they do require ability to walk long distances during sightseeing and walking up and down stairs. Please consider other participants on the tour by avoiding being late for excursions or needing excessive time to sit and rest while sightseeing. It is important that you are able to carry your own luggage. Most of participants on our scheduled tours are in their late 50’s to early 70’s.

Special Vaccination is not required for any of our tours.

Internet Access/ Electricity

Internet is accessible during most part of the tour. All hotels in capital cities and most hotels in remote locations offer free WiFi internet in the lobby. Some restaurants on the tour offer free WiFi internet access as well. Internet speed is slow, usually under 256kb per second. East Site is not responsible for absence of internet for any reason in places where it is advertised, such as hotels, restaurants, etc.

In all countries visited on our tours the voltage is 220W with European plugs, (2 round holes.)

Please feel comfortable to e-mail or call with any questions you might have regarding your tour. It is important to us that your trip with East Site comes to your complete satisfaction.