Visa Processing Instructions

Visa Processing Instructions for citizens of USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand:
  • Visa processing is a part of our service included with all tour packages. All fees related to obtaining your visas such as fees for letter of invitation, consular fee, visa processing fees are included into the price of the tour.
  • For visa processing we need a color copy of your passport and a color copy of your photo to be e-mailed to us. We will e-mail your visas back to you within 3 weeks. We do not need original passport.
  • We apply for visas on your behalf, just as you did it yourself and cannot be responsible for any delays related to consular timing. Approval of visas is a subject of consular section decision. We have no control over it, and are just applying for visas following all current regulations.
  • Visa processing can be initiated at any time between day when you book the tour and minimal time frame needed for visa processing.
Visa requirements:
Country Visited US Citizenship Canadian Citizenship UK, Australia and New Zealand Citizenship
Uzbekistan e-Visa Do not need Do not need
Kazakhstan Do not need Do not need Do not need
Kyrgyzstan Do not need Do not need Do not need
Turkmenistan On arrival On arrival On arrival
Tajikistan e-Visa e-Visa e-Visa
Azerbaijan e-Visa e-Visa e-Visa
Georgia Do not need Do not need Do not need
Armenia Do not need Do not need Do not need
China Visa needed in advance Visa needed in advance Visa needed in advance

Please feel comfortable to e-mail or call with any other questions you might have regarding visa processing or your unique situation. Visa processing is different if your citizenship is not what we have listed. It varies for each country visited on the tour for each country of citizenship. It is important to us that your trip with East Site comes to your complete satisfaction.