Top 12 Reasons to Travel to Central Asia with East Site

1. Visa Processing:

Entire visa obtaining process is included on all of our Central Asia tours. You just need to e-mail us a copy of your passport and photo. We do not need you to mail your passport for visa processing!

2. All our Tours are Guaranteed Departures:

Regardless of number of participants, all our scheduled departures are guaranteed. You don’t need to worry about minimal number of participants on a tour. We have 10 convenient scheduled departures for each Central Asia tour per year, this way you’re able to choose the one that works best for you.

3. Small Group Size:

Our small group tours never exceed more than 10 participants which allow you to interact with the guide and local people, ask questions and make conversations rather than just listen to the guide. It is an important part of your experience – that you become a part of the country you’re visiting while you’re there.

4. All-Inclusive Cost:

Our tour prices are all inclusive, so you won’t need to worry about money exchange while going through different countries of Central Asia with different currency in each country. From little things like entrance fees, bottle of water, or a meal to big things like internal flights or consular fees – everything is included. You won’t need to dig into your pocket at all, unless you’re shopping.

5. Great Central Asia Travel Itinerary:

Every single of our itineraries is well planned by guides with over 20 years of experience in the area. We are making sure that while on our tour nothing slips from your enjoyment and you get the most complete impression of the place you came to visit. Not just history, present day life and architecture, we also focus attention on cultures, customs, and traditions while interacting with local people.

6. Visit All Major Highlights of Central Asia:

Traveling with us you can be confident no major tourist highlights are going to be missed. We are sure to include all sights which represent the country and can’t be missed while you’re near them.

7. Knowledgeable Guides:

Our guides are our pride. The guides will change from country to country to be sure that each guide has unsurpassed knowledge of the region. They will welcome you as visitors, but you will be leaving as friends.

8. Best Hotels:

We all know, how important is a good night of sleep, especially when you’re away from home and need to be energized for a full day of activities. This is why all hotels on our tours are carefully selected among best available hotels in each stop over city.

9. Meals:

Discovering a new cuisine is an important part of travel. Balancing a new experience with your taste and dietary preferences is also important. This is why all meals on our tour included, but not pre-selected for you. You have a chance to order from the menu what you like to try when you feel like it.

10. Guaranteed Price:

There are no hidden costs or extras. The price is not going to change and will be fixed at the time of your reservation. Even if you sign up 2 years in advance, you’re sure not to be charged more even in case if our prices will go up. With East Site you have a freedom of choosing your payment method, using credit/debit cards, bank transfers or checks.

11. Our Feedback:

We offer contact details of your recent clients for you to contact as references about their experience on our tours. That way you’re sure to have first hand feedback before making a commitment to travel with us.

12. USA Based Company:

You are touring with a USA based company with over 15 years of experience, not having to make your payment to a foreign private party via unsecure payment methods. East Site is the only travel agency in US with its own tour operating office based in Central Asia. We are not a third party; we actually operate each tour we sell. East Site is licensed and certified to operate tours.

Participate on our Central Asia tours, and we’ll make sure you’ll have your own reason to choose East Site for your next tour.